While we take our own photos whenever we can, occasionally we need to find marketing photos from stock image sites. There’s the standard fare – two men in suits shaking in a warehouse, a pretty woman inspecting the back of a can in a grocery store, and then, there’s stuff like this…

1. Uhhhhhhh…


2. Please don’t hurt me.

“MadeĀ  these pallets with my bare hands. Harvested the wood beaver-style.”

3. She must be looking at cat pics.

4. Dat glass.
5. Who hasn’t slept at a grocery store? Nobody else? Really!

6. Seems legit…

7. What are you trying to communicate here?

8. Uh O-face

9. So this is what Aaron Carter’s been up to these days…

I mean, come on. Dead ringer.


10. High fashion!

“I call this one, Blue Steel…Shelf!”

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