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Baker’s racks are a common sight in many kitchens and dining rooms, and with good reason. The versatile storage and additional workspace they offer can come in handy for kitchens of nearly any size, and can often help solving a space crunch when it comes time to reorganize the kitchen.

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn, though, that there’s actually a ton of other uses for baker’s racks throughout the kitchen—including as a workbench! The design of baker’s racks includes a solid worksurface made out of wood or plastic that adds surface for plenty of things to get done above and beyond rolling out pizza dough or assembling plates (not that there’s anything wrong with making dinner on one!)

Instead, you can use baker’s racks for a solid work surface anywhere in the house you need to get things done. Starting to get curious? Here’s a few of our favorite uses for baker’s racks:


In the garage: If your garage is a little cluttered, you might not have room for a full-sized workbench or a massive toolbox. Use a baker’s rack instead to hold some of your more commonly-used wrenches, hammers, and the like while giving you a safe, sturdy surface to get projects done on. The weight limit might not be as high as a solid workbench, but this is a great option for garages where space is at a premium.


In the basement: Similarly, the basement is often where smaller projects (like replacing the battery in your kid’s toys) gets done. Keep a baker’s rack downstairs by your excess tools and other long-term storage to get a sturdy (but not overly-bulky) place to get those quick repair jobs done. The next time you need to take a picture out of a busted frame or fix a broken lamp, you’ll be glad you had it there.


In the crafts room: As the craftier among us can tell you, arts and crafts can take up a lot of space and require a lot more supplies than you might expect. Roll a baker’s rack into your arts & crafts room to get a little extra work space and to help keep your paints, glues, and clay safe and accessible.


In the shed: If you’re the sort who loves gardening, then you know how cluttered your shed or pole barn can be when trying to organize your gardening supplies. Use a baker’s rack to hang onto your trowels and shears, and use the solid surface as a place to trim plants that need to be shortened up before they get planted.


Have you used a baker’s rack in your house? Drop a comment below!

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