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We often brag that our shelving is amazing. Our wire shelving can add storage in nearly any setting, our heavy duty steel shelves will hold a ton of weight, and our decorative wall shelves are so chic and modern they can update any room.  But we also admire other shelves. Other brands, other products and even shelves built from sheer creativity. Not only does it give something that normally would have been thrown away a second chance, it adds a unique touch to any room. These DIY projects and ideas for shelves using repurposed objects have truly impressed us. We think you’ll admire them too!

1. Wooden Pallets

You may not have been born in a barn, but these rustic decorations will give any city slicker a taste of the country.


2. Skateboards

Are you always tripping over excess skateboards? Probably not, because people always throw out their old toys. Instead, upcycle these memories and turn them into decorative displays.


3. Sleds and Skis

The older, the better. We aren’t just talking about those cool 80s ski-chairs, but the real vintage wood skis.


4. Vintage Suitcases

Speaking of vintage,these old suitcases make great decoration for any aspiring world traveler.


5. Wagons

Bring out your inner child without annoying any loved ones by displaying one of these!


6. Drawers

Some people call it “Trash-Picking,” but we prefer the term “Creative Recycling.” When you see a neighbor getting rid of an old dresser, imagine how you can use it to add decorative storage!


7. Grand Pianos

Cartoons have taught us to fear any piano above ground level. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about zany antics when you just hang the piano frame. Otherwise, you could always make a

piano fountain


8. Ladders

Superstitious? Prevent yourself from accidentally walking under ladders by mounting them to the wall! Only ghosts can walk under those. And if you have ghosts, you have bigger problems.


9. Canoes

Remember that ideal vacation on the lake that summer? Comemmorate it by turning a bookcase into a book-boat.


10. Vintage Dishes

It’s almost like our forefathers knew how pretty their platters were going to look on the wall. Why else would they be perfectly sized for your spices?


11. Wooden Crates

The key to a good crate is that it once carried a great product. Some people prefere cigar boxes, but we’re old fashioned: a good old crate of wine makes every home a happy place. Just make sure you get rid of the wine first (somehow).


12. Crutches

A-frame shelves are very popular, and not hard to make! Especially if you have a relative that used to be a nurse or was injured once or twice in the olden days.


13. Dollhouses

Is there a better way to represent your perfect home than having a perfect home on display? Probably, but look how cute this is!


14. Doors

For the craftier DIYers out there, get out some paint, a saw, some hinges, and a few chains. We’re not reenacting a horror movie, we’re making shelves!


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