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Despite the frequent heat waves this summer, it’s been a good year for playing in the backyard.

Whether you’re trying to help the kids have more fun at home because everything cool has been closed due to COVID-19, or you’re just trying to encourage more time outdoors not playing video games (and the Nintendo Switch still counts, despite what your kids may say), the backyard is a time-honored place to play for kids when the weather is right.

Of course, anyone who’s spent even a little time in their backyard has surely asked themselves “okay, but where am I putting all this stuff?”

Outdoor toys and playthings have a habit of finding their way back into the house, even if you have explicit instructions to keep them outside where they belong, and it can start to get frustrating after a while to not know where these things should go.

Here’s a few of the most commonly-seen outdoor toys, and what your best solution for storing them can be:


How To Store Outdoor Toys

Ride-On Toys

This is a pretty broad category, but when we say “ride-on toys” we usually mean things like big wheels, Power Wheels, and those ubiquitous red and yellow kids coupes (would you believe they still make those?) that younger kids love. Ideally you’d just keep these in the garage for safety, but if your kids want an easier-to-access way to store them when they’re done (that doesn’t need mom and dad’s help) try this: Use some long tables right up against the house to create a “parking garage” for your ride-on toys, and use shower curtains or other fabric to block them from the sun and the elements to keep them safe and usable year-round!


Sports Equipment

A lot of kids, especially the ones old enough to not want to be called a “kid”, tend to use the backyard, front yard, or driveway for sports and activities when they can’t get to the court or the field. But as any Little League or basketball parent knows, an interest in sports brings with it a lot of stuff to stash. Depending on the sport your kids are most interested in, you could use wall hooks for longer items like hockey sticks, ball claws for footballs, basketballs, or soccer balls, and home lockers for smaller things like shin guards or tennis rackets, or just a place to keep their favorite outdoor shorts when they get a little…stinky.


Sandbox Toys

Sandbox toys are tricky because they’re small and easy to lose, but they can pretty easily track a bunch of dirt and crud into the house if you’re not careful! A good way to store these is to give your kids a special plastic storage bin just for sandbox toys, as plastic bins can be cleaned off more easily. By leaving this near the back door (but inside so they don’t get sun-damaged), you can help your kids get in the habit of finding them and putting them away all on their own!


Bikes & Helmets

Finally, even if your little ones just pedal up and down the driveway on their training wheels, we all know how hard it can be to store bikes. A great way to save floor space is to pop some wall hooks up in the garage to hang bikes from, and then use your garage shelves to stash helmets and elbow pads. (A few shelving labels can go a long way towards helping everyone find their stuff later!)


Hopefully these tips will help your kids enjoy the outdoors better – and help you avoid all the mess on the way!

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