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Wire Shelving Pantry Next To Fridge

Organizing your home takes a lot of work and sometimes, trying to find the right tools for the job can be half the challenge. Shelving is an extremely important tool for home organization, but you need to have the right type of shelving for the job.

Wire shelving is a popular type of shelving for lots of very good reasons: it’s extremely versatile, it’s super easy to assemble, and it’s durable enough to be able to be used everywhere from business storage rooms to homes. There are tons of ways you can use wire shelving around the house, here are just a few of the places wire shelving can be the most helpful in:


Basements and Garages

Garage Mudroom Wire Shelving

Wire shelving units are perfect for basements and garages. Our wire shelving units can hold up to 800 pounds per shelf, so you should have no problem being able to store things like heavy boxes, storage bins, or other heavy things on them. And since wire shelving units are fully adjustable, you can easily position the shelves to fit all those odd, awkwardly-sized items that can be hard to fit inside of the house. You won’t even have to get the toolbox out if you need to adjust them!


Kitchen and Pantries

Wire Shelving Pantry Next To Fridge

Our wire shelving is NSF approved, meaning it’s been tested and approved by the National Sanitation Foundation as being safe to be used for storing food. In pantries, you can use individual wire shelves to set on top of existing shelves to increase your storage space. For kitchens, you could use individual wire shelves to create additional storage space on countertops, wire shelving units, wall-mounted wire shelves, or wire bakers racks for storage. If you need something that can easily be moved around, wire kitchen carts are perfect for this purpose.



Wire Shelving In Closet

Whether you need to organize a small hall closet or a spacious walk-in closet, there’s a type of wire shelving that can help you get organized. Individual wire shelves are excellent for creating additional storage space in closets where you have shelves already built in. For closets that are used to store clothes, those individual wire shelves also make a great place to set your shoes! If you have a really big walk-in closet, you might even be able to use a full wire shelving unit to store things like folded sweaters, hats, purses, or shoes.

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