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Some of you parents may have recently had a talk with their kids about either their grades, their messy rooms, or both, and are probably experiencing a little anxiety at the very idea of combining them.

But before you start reaching for that parenting handbook, hear us out! There’s actually a lot of evidence that links a nice, clean, decluttered space to better performance in school (and a better quality of life overall), and it may be just the thing your kids need to better focus on their studies.

A recent study by Princeton University has shown that having too much visual stimulation (from clutter, a TV on in the background, etc) can cause all the different sources of stimulation to ‘compete’ for space in the brain, and make it much harder to concentrate on things.


Makes sense, right? How many times have you been trying to work at your desk or get something done at home and gotten distracted by some little knick knack on your desk, or noticed a pile of magazines on the table you’ve been meaning to throw out? It stands to reason that if you’re affected by this issue your kids may be too, and it can start to affect their ability to get studying done at home.

Have you noticed your kids beginning to have difficulty getting their homework done, or getting a lot of wrong answers on the assignments they finish? A cluttered room could very well be a contributing factor. And luckily, the solution isn’t as difficult as you may think!


The next time your kid sits down to do homework, take a look at the space they use. Are they at the kitchen table where they’re surrounded by distractions and clutter? Do they have a desk of their own, trapped behind the usual mess of child’s room? Take a look and see if there’s anything you can do to help clean up the mess and provide more focus.

If they do their work at the kitchen table, get some kitchen organizers to reduce some of the clutter on the table and help them focus on the task at hand. Bedroom cleaning will probably be a bigger adventure, but it’s nothing you can’t handle with some extra shelves and some plastic bins for all the toys.

Make sure to focus on the area they do their studying—if they do have their own desk, make sure they don’t keep any toys or any other potential distractions on it. Get some desk organizers so they always have things like paper and pencil right where they need it, and don’t let them keep the TV or the computer on while they’re working unless they absolutely have to—and even then, keep a close eye on what they’re doing so their eye doesn’t wander towards cartoons or Minecraft.


A clean room and quiet study space should help your kids stay productive (and might even help them sleep better), building good study habits for the future. You might not be able to make sure they keep their rooms clean in college, but you can help them get there!

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