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The Shelving Store now offers the CarLocker, a new and exclusive garage-tough welded garage wire shelving solution. The CarLocker takes advantage of “unused area” at the head of a parking space to provide safe and secure garage storage without the loss of parking area footage. The easy-to-access CarLocker simply attaches to any garage ceiling or wall and can be customized to fit your garage storage and space requirements.

Exclusive And Innovative
There’s nothing quite like the CarLocker! CarLocker comes in a range of sizes and can hold up to 400 pounds of secure storage. Plus a wide variety of accessories including shelves, hooks and baskets are available to create a personalized garage storage solution, that is perfect for just about anything that needs to be kept close at hand.
Safe and Secure
CarLocker is designed of heavy-duty material—8 gauge welded wire framed by carbon steel angles—with individual lockable doors.
Easy To Install
CarLocker simply attaches to any garage ceiling or wall. We’ll provide you with complete, easy to follow instructions that let you turn every parking place into a customized parking and garage storage solution.


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