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Indoor and outdoor allergens can cause red, itchy eyes, difficult breathing, and persistent sneezing. Controlling the amount of allergens in the outdoor air is impossible, but indoor allergens can be managed. I found that Chrome Wire Shelving units have helped to reduce the amount of dust and other particles floating through the air and accumulating on my furniture.

The ventilated design of these chrome wire shelves allows for air to flow, minimizing dust collection. With no solid surfaces, the harmful allergens have nowhere to cling to on the wire shelves. Dusting traditional shelves can move dust around and disperse it through the air, but Chrome Wire Shelving Units won’t have allergen particles being scattered throughout your home. Chrome Wire Shelving, particularly coated wire shelving, will also help to reduce the amount of hair and pet dander that gathers in the homes of pet owners.

Use chrome wire shelving throughout your home for storing books, boxes, and toys. These chrome shelves may not provide a definite solution for allergy relief, but they will help to reduce the amount of suffering you have to endure, especially during those seasons when allergies are at their worst.

Keep your home dust free,

Your Shelving Guy

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