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cleaning out leaves in gutters in the fall

We know, we know, nobody likes the idea of cleaning, and besides, if we have spring cleaning why bother doing it beforehand?

But there are still steps you can take and things you can do in order to get your home ready for fall and winter, and you might even find yourself surprised by some of them!


Maintenance Around The House

In order to prevent issues during the winter, there’s a few steps you can take to protect your home from potential damage. Firstly, make sure your furnace filter is changed and fresh to keep warm through the winter. If you have a fireplace, you’re going to want to clean off the fireplace mantel and get the chimney swept out to allow for better airflow. Also, make sure to give your gutters one last clean sweep to make sure that ice doesn’t build up and damage your roof over the next few months.


Watch Out For Bugs!

Sure, they may be mostly harmless, but nobody needs a bunch of spiders making cobwebs or mice making nests around the house all winter, right? Keep an eye on the trim around the floor or the bottom of doors to make sure that mice and spiders can’t invite themselves in for a nice warm place to stay over the winter – checking this in fall will help you keep on top of the problem.


Get Some Laundry Done

The lowering temperatures are going to call for heavier blankets and warmer clothing – and that means getting some things washed! Get the heavy blankets and nice sweaters out of the closet and washed up to make sure they’re fresh and ready to wear, and then make sure you have enough closet storage space to put away all your lighter clothing and summertime blankets.


Tidy Up

Now that the doors and windows are going to be shut for the next few months, here’s a perfect opportunity to handle a few of those harder to clean areas. Vacuum around the drapes, carpet, and corners to scoop up the dust and dirt that got tracked through the house in warmer months, and take a deep cleaner to the carpet to pick up all the grass and mud that the dog and kids brought in with them. It might sound like kind of a hassle, but think about this – you won’t have to worry about summer messes for a while when you’re done!


With these tips, you should be able to get your home warm and cozy enough to ward off those winter blues, and thinking warm thoughts until spring!

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