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Winter Closet Organization

We feel like the humble closet gets a little overlooked during wintertime. When you hear the words “winter” and “closet organization” you probably assume you’re trying to put away your winter coats for the warmer months that you no longer need. But what do you do with your closet when the weather turns and you’re suddenly in need of those big overcoats you’d stashed away previously? Here’s a few tips we’ve compiled to keep your closet in order and put away everything you might not need in the colder months!


Edit Your Wardrobe

Before you start putting things up for the winter, make sure to give everything a once-over and see if it can still come in handy. You’re not likely to need your summer dresses, of course, but those light sweaters or flannels might still get some use when the weather turns. And now is a great time to take a look and see if there’s anything you want to part with – if something no longer fits or doesn’t work with your new wardrobe, now might be a good time to donate or take it to a consignment shop!


Make Space For Everything

Once you’ve decided what you’re not going to need for a few months, the next step is to figure out where it all has to go. Now might be a good time to look into some new closet shelving to free up hanger space, depending on what you have to store, and if you have any space in a cabinet or bedroom dresser you’ll want to see if anything can be kept in those as well.


Organize By Style

Since you don’t really need to worry about any of your summer clothes being easily accessible, you could take the time to organize everything by color and type. You’ll be grateful you did it when spring comes back around and your favorite sweaters are all collected together for you to get back to.


Don’t Forget Your Current Wardrobe!

Now, during all the hustle and bustle to put your spring and summer clothes away, you’ll always want to keep one small thing in mind – the clothes you need now! If you’re lucky to have enough closet space to devote one to your current clothing and one to your stored items, pick whichever one is easiest to get to for your winter selections. Otherwise, just try to remember to leave some front-and-center space for the clothes you need now as opposed to the clothes you’ll need later.


Obviously, not all of this will work for every closet, but hopefully these tips can keep your closet clear and your winter wardrobe right where you need it! Stay warm out there!

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