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Butcher block tops are a common sight in kitchens and seem to have one pretty immediate purpose – a cutting board/work surface designed to give you just a little extra room in the kitchen.

And they do that job admirably! Everyone needs a safe place to chop up vegetables (or whatever) for dinner, and butcher blocks are a durable and stylish way to add the space you need for it. But they don’t have to just be used for that, and in our time we’ve seen plenty of unusual and creative uses for butcher blocks around the house that might just inspire you to try the same:


Serving platters: If you’re already using a butcher block to cut up some fruits and cheeses for a tray, why not just take the whole block out with you? Wood is a good look for most rooms and settings, and it stops you from having to dirty up even more dishes!


Protection from Hot Dishes: Many of us have run into situations where a dish or pan was too big for our usual cork potholders, but we don’t want to scorch our tables/countertops, right? Butcher blocks are thick enough and safe to be used for an impromptu trivet when setting out big hot dishes for serving or preparation – just don’t leave them on there too long!


Cake Displays: Are you the cake boss of your family? Butcher blocks are a good way to display your decorative, ornate, or just plain delicious cakes to the rest of the family, whether you’re using them as a centerpiece for a holiday meal or just trying to get it to your kid’s birthday safely.


Replacement Sewing Table Top: Sewing tables need to be made out of a sturdy material to keep your materials safe and intact – and there’s not much sturdier than butcher blocks! We’ve seen people remove the damaged tops of sewing tables and replace them with butcher block tops to help give them a fresh, sturdier surface to work on. If you’re the crafty type (and you probably are, considering you already have a sewing table!) this could be a good DIY project to help your sewing!


Extra Storage: A lot of butcher blocks are designed to fit inside other types of wire shelves or tables to add workspace, but they can give you sturdier storage too! Use them to balance things that don’t sit well on other types of shelves, or even mount them inside a cabinet or underneath a table to add a little bit of shelving and storage space wherever you need it!

Got any other interesting uses for butcher blocks? Send us some pictures or just leave a comment, we always love to see creative storage solutions!

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