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No matter how many different hobbies are available to kids nowadays (including the ever-present threat of “video games keeping kids indoors”), there’s still plenty of young athletes out there.

And as any parent of a child into sports can attest to, there’s a lot of stuff that comes with it. Workout clothes, uniforms, kneepads, baseball bats…the list goes on, and they’re all pretty much required for many sports that kids are into.

We’re all familiar with the usual strategy of “pile it up in the garage until you need a ride to practice”, but there’s a lot more elegant—and aesthetically pleasing—solutions if you have a little imagination. Here’s a few ways we’ve found to help you decorate your kids’ rooms with the stuff they need for sports, and keep it all much easier to reach when the need arises:


Ball claws

One of the easiest ways to get started with organizing sports equipment is by hanging up some ball claws. True to their name, these claws are installed on the wall and can stretch out to hang onto whatever balls your kids need for their chosen sport, even something as big as a regulation basketball. Not only do they make needed equipment easier to get to, whether you’re driving to soccer practice or just want to shoot hoops in the driveway, they’re also a fun wall decoration to help fill up some empty space and contribute to the overall vibe of a room.


Team-themed lockers

For anything requiring a uniform or small gear that can be easily lost, home lockers are a great call to reinforce the sports theme of the room while giving your kids an easy place to keep everything. Get one that matches either their favorite major league team or the colors of whoever they play for now (high school, local Little Leagues, etc) to establish a more cohesive look and show off a little of that team spirit with whatever your family plays.


Color coordinate the room

If the idea of team colors is appealing to your kid, go ahead and do their entire bedroom in team colors. Posters, matching trim/wall paint, even bedroom furniture that matches with your chosen team’s color scheme. You don’t want to go overboard to avoid having a room that’s nothing but, say, maize and blue, but you do want to reinforce your home team loyalty.


Wall hangers where you can

A lot of sports equipment tends to fall on the wrong side of “being small and easy to lose” or “being too big to store elsewhere”, and in those cases wall hangers can come in handy. Either in the closet or in some spare room on an outside wall, set up a pegboard, wall hooks, or even a baseball bat rack to make the most of your vertical wall space and keep everything easy to access. This is a great call for longer, harder-to-store things like bats and hockey sticks.


Repurpose what you already have

Of course, you can easily reconfigure a lot of furniture you might already have around the house to fit sports equipment while jazzing up your rooms a bit. Old bookcases can easily become new homes for balls and gloves, and they’re not hard to repaint if you want to keep the theme going. Coat hooks could be moved into the room to hold onto uniforms and helmets if you don’t need them elsewhere. If you’re strapped for resources, just take a look at the rest of your house and use a little imagination!


Have you decorated your kid’s room with sports equipment? Drop a comment and tell us about it!

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