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While a lot of us tend to consider shelving in purely practical terms, such as wire shelving and bookcases, you could actually have a lot of fun using them for decorating too. If the New Year is going to find you doing some remodeling and redecorating, you could always bring in some more decorative shelves to help liven things up! Need some inspiration? Here’s a few places to get started:


Show Off Your Collections

Whatever it is you collect, from toys to teacups, hanging up some light decorative shelving in your home is a great way to keep them all arranged, organized, and on display. Keeping items together of different sizes, shapes, and colors lets them play off each other and liven up the decor of a room – and everything looks better in numbers! And better yet, this will free up space on your other shelves for anything else you need to keep around!


Keep Them Functional

Okay, so maybe you don’t have a lot of things you’re ready to show off in the living room. Who’s to say you can’t store things you actually need on decorative shelving? If you have a favorite old crystal liquor decanter or some prized first edition books, decorative shelves can let you keep these items front-and-center and easily within reach for whenever you need to bring them down. (What’s the point of showing off your stuff if you can’t bring it down and show it off even better, right?)


Add Color and Shapes

Of course, the whole point of decorative shelving is right there in the name – decoration! Instead of hanging art or anything directly on the wall, you can use decorative shelves to create a new color and atmosphere for your room. Bring in some floating wood shelves and use them to hold painted picture frames, decorative glass sculptures, and so on to help break up the lines of a room and add color even without having to hang paintings or anything. Hanging a mirror up behind a row of shelves can really help to open a room up and define space better. Or maybe even the shelf itself can be the decoration – glass shelves and surfboard shelving can be a decoration in and of themselves!


Whatever you choose to do with them, decorative shelves can be exactly the decorative solution you need. Now go forth and shelve!

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