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Pardon us for paraphrasing an old Simpsons joke, but it feels like the cleaning of a house never ends, doesn’t it?

Whether you took on some projects around the house during quarantine, or you went on a big deep-cleaning project earlier in the year before all this went down, decluttering your home can be one of the best feelings. And yet, it’s never a feeling that lasts very long, as you quickly find yourself wondering just where all this stuff is coming from again.

The problem with decluttering is that it’s an ongoing process. There’s always going to be something else that needs cleaned or thrown out, or some room that needs your attention, but if you’re noticing it really start to pile up, there could be a few specific causes.


Why Is My Home Still So Cluttered?

Lack of planning

One of the biggest causes of a cluttered home is the lack of a plan. Sure, the once- or twice-yearly deep cleanings are a great way to start, but do you have a plan for the next few months? What’s your system for keeping stuff organized once it comes into the house? Dealing with potential clutter on a daily basis is the only way to truly stay out ahead of it, and creating a schedule to clean regularly can help prevent the big day-long jobs from getting out of hand.


No permanent homes for things

We’ve heard the phrase time and time again: “a place for everything, and everything in its place”. While it’s easier said than done, there’s a lot of truth to this mantra when it comes to staying decluttered. If you find a lot of possessions that do not have an obvious place to go, it might be time to bring in a little more home storage furniture. Don’t be afraid to set up things like bookshelves, desk organizers, and home wire shelves to help you find a space for anything that comes into the house to avoid too much clutter.


Things get overlooked

Look, we’re all human, and even during the most thorough cleaning project, some things are bound to get overlooked. These overlooks could start to build up after a while, however, and may lead you to think there’s more clutter in your home than there actually is. Make time to check things like the insides of cabinets and your higher wall shelves to purge those of clutter too, whenever you start to feel overwhelmed.


Not everyone is on the same page

One of the most common sources of clutter is when there seems to be different standards throughout the house for clutter management and re-organization. However many people live with you, make sure to set a strong example for how often things should be tidied up, and exactly how to do it. It’ll prevent stuff from getting lost, and it’ll be nice having a few extra sets of hands when the going gets tough.

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