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It’s summertime, and that means you probably don’t need quite as many blankets as you were using beforehand. 

We know, we know – your kids and partner always want to crank the AC way lower than you want it to be, maybe you live in a part of the country where the nights get real cold, and you’ll need some blankets around, but not nearly as many as you do during the winter months, right?

The question, then, is where are they all going to go? Blankets, particularly bigger throw blankets, are always kind of a pain to put back away and store for the next few months until it’s cold enough to need them again. If you need some advice to store your bulkier blankets and free up some space over the summer, here’s some tips we’ve put together: 

Up the ladder: A lot of people are turning to old ladders to decorate spaces in their home for a little more ‘rustic’ look. If you’ve got one with space on it, you can drape your extra blankets over the sides of the steps to keep them neatly folded and make everything look a little more cozy. 

Find some cabinet space: If you’ve got a display cabinet that you’re not using, keeping your blankets folded and stacked on the shelves is an easy and decorative way to show them off and keep them out of the way. If you don’t have a display cabinet handy, this trick can work just as well with bedroom dressers or even bathroom towel racks to hang them up if you’ve got them somewhere out-of-the-way.

On the walls: A lot of people have fancy throw blankets like Pendletons that they’ve handed down through the years and want to use as a blanket or as decoration. Instead of throwing it across the back of the couch for the dog and the kids to mess up, try folding it up and draping it over some wall shelves to show off the pattern and keep it safely out of the way for the warmer months.

Out of sight, out of mind: Of course, sometimes you still can’t stash them away in a place that lets you see them, but having them put away is better than just letting them sit around taking up room right? Find a shelf or a storage bin with some extra room, roll them up to save space, and get them tucked away safely. If you have a built-in storage space in the wall or designed as part of a bigger pantry, these are a good option as well. (This is also a good time to use some of those under-the-bed shelves if you’ve got a bed with them!)

Baskets: Blankets in a basket are both a practical storage solution and a fun decorative idea! Take a wicker basket, fold up a few blankets, and drape one of them over the end to create a fun and comfortable look. 

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