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Easter Egg Hiding

Easter Egg Hiding

For many of us all around the country, we’re staring down the barrel of Spring Break! That time beloved by all (well…many) where the kids get a week off from school, mom and dad might get Good Friday off if they’re lucky, and everyone gets at least a few days to try and enjoy the weather and make the most of spring’s return.

And for those of you out there who celebrate it, it also means Easter! Every kid’s favorite candy-based holiday other than Halloween, and plenty of chances to have fun decorating and finding eggs!

Of course, a lot of that fun depends on you hiding them – you don’t want to make it too easy, but you also don’t want them to never see their eggs again (and nothing is worse than finding an Easter egg a month or two later!) so a good balance needs to be struck. If you need some Easter egg hiding inspiration, read on!

Make An Indoor Garden

If the weather isn’t going to be great on Easter Sunday, or if your kids are too young to really tromp around the yard, you can take some spare room and turn it into an indoor garden! Grab some empty shelves or clear out a storage bin, lay down some tinsel or fake grass, and hide your eggs in a smaller, more kid-friendly area!

Scavenger Hunts

Instead of just eggs, hide their prizes and candy around the house and yard and give your kids a list of individual items – like six eggs, two bunnies, and a candy bar – to scout out and reassemble their own baskets and find everything on their own before time is up!

Make A Path

If you’ve got the space (and the home storage to make good hiding places) you can make it an indoor treasure hunt with special paths and maps! Hang some colorful string or twine around your house to make a path to each egg, and hand your kids maps to help them find their way around and straight to the candy and eggs!

Leave the Easter Egg Hiding to Them

Here’s a fun reversal you can try if you have kids that love showing how smart they are – or how they can pull a fast one on mom and dad! Before the egg hunt, let them put together a basket and hide it somewhere in the house for you to find – and maybe offer them extra prizes if you can’t find it in time!

Whatever you wind up doing, we here at The Shelving Store wish you and yours a fun and happy Easter!

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