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Hey guys,

My name is Brad and I’m one of the fun and friendly folks that work on the website for The Shelving Store. If you see any typos or huge errors on our site, that’s Amy K., not me. I wanted to introduce myself as a preface to this blog post. You see, I’m a young Jewish guy that is celebrating his very first Easter. I thought everyone would like to check out my exploits around the office!

That’s my collection of Easter eggs! Honestly, the only Easter eggs I have ever dealt with are from video games. So imagine my surprise when two of the girls around the office started tucking away little plastic eggs filled with chocolate treasures! Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as just grabbing two hand-fulls of eggs, that’s where the hunt comes into play.

First we were told to get our Easter baskets ready! Since we work in a shipping warehouse, there are tons of boxes in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, most of our shelves are flat, so having a box in the shape of a 24 x 72 wire shelf wouldn’t necessarily be the best choice of basket. I saw my competitors getting creative, so I decided to go all out.

While the options ranged from USA made boxes and Wire shelf baskets, I brought out the big guns. And yes, it was terribly uncomfortable, but it was worth the win. No power in the ‘verse could stop me! Also, nobody could get around my giant basket, so I could nudge anyone out of the way to get an egg. Which I did, repeatedly. And now, for your viewing pleasure, a triumphant display of my spoils!

Thanks for celebrating my first Easter with me, guys! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, even if you’re not celebrating a holiday. Celebrate the weekend! Chag Semeach (“Happy festival” in hebrew)!

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