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face mask storage


By now, we can all agree that the need to wear masks isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well have some fun with it.

We’ve all probably built up a collection of masks by now, whether we want different colors to go with our outfit, or just want to have a few around the house in case we forget one when we leave. Of course, as with any fashion accessories (unwanted though they may be), you may occasionally find yourself wondering “where the heck am I going to keep all these?”

 Luckily, the size and flexibility of face masks makes them pretty easy to store! If you need a few tips for storing face masks, bandanas, or other face coverings around the house, read on:


How To (Safely) Store Your Face Mask

Keep it with your wardrobe

One of the easiest ways to both store your masks and make sure you don’t forget them (a common problem these days) is to leave them with your everyday wardrobe. Carve out some space in your bedroom dressers near the stuff you normally wear to work, and you’ll (hopefully) never forget them again!


Closet space

Bedroom closets are a great way to organize face masks too, especially if that’s where the majority of your clothes come from during the day. Give them their own hanger to dangle from (and preferably one close enough that you’ll see it when you need it), or set up an over the door closet organizer to hang up a few of your favorite masks to keep them easy to grab on your way to work or school.


Right in the entryway

Similarly, if your goal is to keep your masks somewhere you’ll remember to grab them on your way, the entryway is a perfect idea. Set up some coat hooks or mail organizers right by the door with everyone’s mask on them, and (hopefully) you’ll get a good visual reminder every morning before you leave!


Mud(room) masks

Mudrooms are increasingly handy during COVID-19, as a way to both store your outdoor clothes and a great place to keep anything you don’t want to bring all the way into the house with you. They’re also a great way to store masks and other things you want to grab as you head out the door. Set up a few hooks or even home lockers to organize everyone’s mask safely apart from one another, and then try to stay in the habit of grabbing your mask when it comes time to get your keys (or whatever you keep out there).


Regular washing

Of course, the problem with any mask (or article of clothing) you use to protect yourself from potential germs or illness is that they need to be washed every once in a while. Pick a spot somewhere in your house for dirty masks to be kept (ideally something that won’t spread anything to the rest of your house) and remember to set a regular washing schedule, even if you’re just hand-washing them for safety.

Hopefully these tips will help you give your masks a much-needed home! (Of course, actually remembering to grab them is another issue altogether…)

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