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eco friendly storage


“Sustainable”, “green”, “eco-friendly”…whatever you want to call it, environmentally sound practices are the order of the day for businesses and homes.

Whether it’s concern for the environment, looking for ways to recycle and save a little money around the house, or a combination of the two, eco-friendly home goods have seen a spike in popularity in recent years.

“Eco-friendly” can mean a lot of things: maybe it’s made out of more sustainable materials, maybe it’s more biodegradable, maybe it’s just a clever reuse of something to avoid buying something new and/or creating more waste. Either way, it’s a big focus in many homes, and this goes double for trying to find storage and organization supplies!


Eco Storage & Organization


Reuse whenever possible

A big focus of the eco movement is to avoid buying new things whenever you can, and that means getting creative with stuff you already have.

Old flower pots can easily become garden tool storage, your old sports equipment storage can be reused to hold larger items in the garage or basement, and so on. Heck, you can even reuse old shipping packages and cardboard boxes on your home wire shelves to keep things tidy without having to run out and buy a bunch of new storage bins!


Make your little items harder to lose

Part of “not buying new things whenever possible” is making your stuff harder to lose. Think about how many times you lost something small like silverware, pencils, lip balm, and the like, forcing you to go replace it – often right before you find it again!

Set up some storage around your house to help keep the little things in an easier-to-find place, thus forcing you to replace them less often. Things like desk organizers, pantry organizers, and silverware organizers can go a long way towards keeping these little things right where you need them – every time.


Use all your space

Similarly, using a little imagination when it comes to making space in your home can help keep things harder to lose, and better arranged for when you need it.

For example, a lot of homes don’t make the most of all the hanging space they could have. Set up a few closet hanging rods in places like the bathroom or laundry room to hang up cleaning supplies and other frequently used items to free up space elsewhere.


Buy natural materials

Of course, not every home organization problem can be solved just by reusing stuff around the house. In the event that you do need something else to get things organized, it helps to use materials that are a little better for the environment, and can be more easily recycled or donated when you’re done.

Try to focus on using wood for furniture like living room side tables and home bookcases, as many woods are less impactful on the environment, and can be more easily donated, resold, or repurposed than other materials.

Whatever you choose to do when it comes to making your home eco-friendly, we think you’ll love how much more organized you become!

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