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Essential oils! Whether you use them for health reasons, cooking, or you just like the smell, essential oils are an increasingly common sight in homes these days due to their variety of uses.

Of course, as it always goes, your house can start getting cluttered up with tiny bottles of oil if you’re not careful about where to store them. Due to their myriad uses, you might find yourself with essential oils in a few rooms of your house without a home, and that can lead to them getting lost, damaged, or just plain cluttering up your house.

If any of this is starting to ring a bell, read on for a few tips:


Sort by use

The easiest place to start is to figure out what you use them for. Do they stay in the bathroom to freshen up your nightly bath or used for medicinal purposes? Are you going to use them to freshen up your pancakes or your pasta in the kitchen? Do they get diffused in your home office to stop you from stressing out while you go over your tax returns? Every essential oil has a purpose, and determining what you’ll be doing with yours will help you put them away better.


Find empty space in their destination

While we’re not saying they’re unsafe by any means, you’re going to want to keep your essential oils safely away from anything else in the room to make sure they don’t come in contact with anything you don’t want smelling like lavender for the next six months. This may come in a few forms—if they’re going in the kitchen, you may need to hang up a new spice rack to stop them from mingling with your herbs and condiments. If they’re staying in the bathroom, consider giving them their own bathroom basket organizers (or even up on a bathroom wall shelf) so they stay out of the way (and out of reach of pets and kids). Wherever you choose to put them, you’ll just want to give them some…breathing room.


Divide by type and need

Once you’ve figured out where they’re going, you’ll want to put a little thought into how exactly they’ll be staying there. Do you have both opened bottles and unopened bottles? Try dividing those down the middle so you know which is which. Do you want to separate by type or scent? By use? Even by the color of the bottle? Essential oils can start to accumulate before long, and even if you want to keep and use all of them you might want to hammer out a system for accessing and storing each one.


Cycle out the old ones

Speaking of which, these bottles don’t last forever (as much as we’d like them to) and you’ll have to find a way to safely dispose of them. Consider making a system where you arrange the bottles by how much you have left (you can usually just tell by shaking the bottle) so you know you’re working your way through them without opening a fresh one by mistake.


Keep your accessories nearby

Above just the oils themselves, there’s a lot that goes into using them. Diffusers, tassels, even mixing supplies can all come into play when you’re trying to enjoy your essential oils, and keeping those nearby will help make the whole experience a little smoother. Try to get some wall hooks to keep everything in reach when you need to cook or just spread the aroma back through the house, and make sure they’re all placed as close to the oils themselves as possible to avoid making a bigger mess.

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