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So by now you’re probably knee-deep in your spring cleaning routine, maybe you got a head start and you’re already done, or maybe you’ve yet to start but you will one of these days, honest!

One way or another, you’re going to feel a great sense of accomplishment when you’re all finished, but you might find yourself wondering “what now?” Maybe you’re even dreading starting all over again next year…but why put it off until then?

If you get in the habit of establishing a good cleaning routine now, your work will be that much easier next year, and who knows – maybe if you do a good enough job the rest of the year, you might not even have to do spring cleaning next year! Here’s some tips to get started on a post spring cleaning routine for the rest of the year:

Create A Master Task List

The best way to get started is to make a list of everything that will need to be done regularly and schedule it accordingly. Sort your lists by daily, weekly, and so on to make sure all the little projects (dishes, cleaning the kids’ rooms, etc) are handled as frequently as they need to and to make sure the bigger, less-frequent chores (major living room projects, organizing the garage) aren’t neglected either.

Schedule and Assign Everything

Once you have everything written out, the next thing to do is to give everyone their assignments and keep up on when they have to happen! Talk to your family members, roommates, or whoever else needs to get involved in the cleaning to make sure they know their responsibilities and when they need to happen. The faster their tasks and goals are established, the faster they can get started, and the faster they get started the faster they’ll become good habits!

Always Be Equipped

It’s hard to stay focused if you’re constantly scrambling for cleaning supplies whenever you want to get started. Check out your task list for the near future and make sure you keep your list of supplies well-stocked and close at hand for anything that you need to clean up. Keep extra cleaning spray, soaps, and disinfectant wipes around, and always make sure you have extra storage bins and shelves available to hang onto anything you can’t part with but need to put away and keep aside.

Remember To Stick With Your Spring Cleaning Routine

One of the hardest parts of making anything a habit is remembering to do it more than once. Staying motivated might get hard, but all you have to do is keep trying – the longer you do anything, the easier it is to keep doing it, and you’ll thank yourself when next spring rolls around and you have that much less to do!

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