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Fall is officially here!

For most of us, that means the return of pumpkin-flavored everything, the unboxing of our favorite hoodies and flannels, and the excitement of Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner.

Of course, this also comes with an increase in fall-specific chores such as raking, cleaning out the gutters, and so on. While nobody ever really looks forward to this part of fall, there’s a few things you can do beforehand to make these seasonal chores less of a pain than usual.

Ready to get started on your fall checklist? Here we go:


  • Clean your gutters: A lot of crud has probably built up in there over the summer and it’s just going to get worse as the leaves fall. Prevent damage to your roof and avoid the buildup of ice by keeping your gutters free of crud.
  • Reverse your ceiling fans: Not a lot of people know their ceiling fans can rotate two different directions, nor do they know that it can actually have a positive impact on your heating bill. Turn your fans to blow clockwise to help push warm air down and better circulate it through your home.
  • Tidy up the garage: The falling leaves (and inevitability of snowfall) means that you’re going to need access to a lot more stuff in your garage than just the lawnmower. Clean off your garage shelves and make sure everything is organized in a way that lets you easily access your rakes to help keep the yard free of debris. (In a pinch, sports equipment racks can be used to store longer tools like rakes and snow shovels if you need them closer to the door.)
  • Pack up the patio: While you’ll probably be sad to see it all go, now is a perfect excuse to clean up the patio and the backyard. Pull your outdoor furniture indoors or at least try to cover it securely to prevent water damage when the autumn rains come in; while things like granite backyard fixtures will be okay, things like metal or wooden patio furniture and portable grills probably won’t be.
  • Prep your garden: While you won’t exactly be growing much in the garden during the fall, this is actually a great time to get the soil ready for next spring. Reseed any bare spots in your lawn, mulch and prune any nearby shrubs and trees, and find a good winter fertilizer to help the soil retain nutrients through the cooler months.
  • Establish a good homework routine: By now your kids should be back in the full swing of classwork, and will probably need a good place to do their homework. If you can’t spare a home office desk at least try to set up a nook on the dining room table with some desk supplies to help them focus and get things done quickly.
  • Update the kitchen: The next few holidays are going to ask a lot of your kitchen, so it’s good to take some time to do it now. Swap out your pastel, summer-y hand towels for something a little more autumnal, put up your lemonade pitchers and margarita makers to make room for tea and cocoa kettles, and start dusting off the casserole dishes and roasting pans to warm up all your favorite comfort foods over the next few months.


After all this, you should be ready for a more stress-free fall season!

Got any other fall organization tips you’ve used for your family? Drop a comment below!

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