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“It always pays to buy in bulk”, or so the saying goes.

And while it’s usually cheaper in the long run to buy ten pounds of flour and two thousand rolls of paper towels all at once, what they don’t tell you is where you’re supposed to store it all!

The balance between saving money by buying or canning your own bulk goods and figuring out where all the stuff is supposed to go can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Even if you don’t plan on using it for a while, it all has to go somewhere, and it can start to crowd out everything else you’re trying to put away.

Luckily, with a little imagination, you can get these bulked goods tucked away safely and ready to use whenever you’re finally able to open up that pallet of macaroni and cheese. Ready to get started?


Use the back of your doors

Things like paper towels, toilet paper, and even gift wrap are common sights among bulk goods stores due to their ease of production and transport. These are prime candidates to be stored on over the door shelving or even towel racks for easy access—keep one of them open and usable while the rest diligently wait their turn to be unspooled in the event of a spill.


Keep pet food in storage bins

It’s great being able to buy two months’ worth of dog food all at once, but grappling with that big heavy bag isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun afternoon. Divide the pet food up amongst plastic storage bins to keep them fresh and easy to access. (You may also want to consider getting a lid on them, or at least moving them up out of the way to avoid prying noses and paws.)


Move detergent into beverage dispensers

Laundry day is made a lot easier by knowing you’ve got enough detergent to last all year, but lugging that bottle around could lead to sore arms at best and spilled detergent at worst. Find glass or plastic drink dispensers (like the kind you see football players tipping all over their coaches at the end of the game, but smaller) and pour your liquid detergents and fabric softeners in to keep them close and usable without the need to lug a heavy plastic jug everywhere.


Organize those pantries

Even above and beyond dry goods, a lot of bulk products tend to be food. (Think things like giant boxes of cereal, massive sacks of flour, the 10-pound jar of almonds, and the like.) These are usually best stored by moving them into jars, but then…what do you do with the jars? A good call is to clean out one shelf of the pantry and dedicate it to bulk food storage. Label all the jars as needed and line up a few pantry organizers to keep things consistently organized; one can be for baking supplies like sugar, one can be for snacks and cereals, and so on.


Land a basket

Got a lot of toilet paper that doesn’t quite have a home? Sometimes the best solution is the easiest one—unbundle it from the plastic wrap it’s all stuck in, and lay them out into some bathroom baskets for easy access and to free up the space they were taking up as one huge package.


Have you had to find a new way to store bulk goods in your home? Drop a comment below!

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