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Spring has very slowly started to spring for most of the country, and for all of you amateur declutter-ers out there, it means one thing: spring cleaning!

While the weather slowly returns to something a bit more livable (especially after a winter that included record snowfall and polar vortexes), a lot of us have begun making our spring cleaning checklists.

It’s always a good idea to make plans for what you want to clean during your next big project, but have you ever felt like you’re overlooking something? There’s a lot of smaller, less glamorous areas around the house that tend to get neglected during a spring cleaning or a decluttering purge, and even if they’re not the most exciting things to tidy up they still deserve a good cleaning to help your whole house feel fresh and new again.

If your spring cleaning list is looking a little scant, here’s five places you should make sure not to overlook by mistake:


Tops of cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, living room curios, even bedroom dressers all tend to get overlooked when it comes time for spring cleaning. If the stuff inside the cabinet is neatly put away where it belongs, end of the problem, right? Cabinets are a magnet for dust and crud, especially if you use it to store things on top like photos and collectables. After you’re done rearranging your bedroom dresser, give the top a good wipe-down and rearrange anything you’ve been storing on there.


Underneath rugs

Even if you’ve swept around the rug and vacuumed the rug itself, the area under the rug is a great spot for crud and allergens to gather. Get your coffee tables (which you’ve probably already wiped down and polished, since that’s a pretty common goal for spring cleaning) out of the way and vacuum up the part right underneath the rug. It might just help you breathe easier.


Toothbrush holders and other bathroom storage

Sure, we’ve all wiped down a bathtub and used that weird circular brush on the inside of a toilet, but considering how many germs can be present in even the cleanest bathroom, you might want to make sure you’re cleaning everything. Check the towel racks for signs of mildew or mold, clean your toothbrush holder to prevent any germs from making a home on your brushes (even if your toothbrush holder is just a plastic drinking cup—we all do it!), and get rid of anything that’s starting to show rust or damage from being exposed to a humid environment.


Indoor plants

Even though they’re a living thing, plants need to get dusted just like any other fixture in the home. Real or fake, take a soft cloth to your plants and wipe them free of dust and crud. If you keep them on special wire shelves or other specific planter’s displays to help them get sunlight and water, make sure they haven’t started to get affected by rust or planter’s dirt.


Handheld electronics

Have you ever thought about how gross things like phones and tablets can get after a while? Round up all your kids’ phones, video game systems/controllers, and other devices they spend a lot of time with and wash them down with a solution of distilled water and alcohol. The alcohol will dry quickly so you won’t worry about damaging anything, and it’ll help clean off anything that may have gotten spilled on or stuck to them lately.


Do you have any other tips for people that might skip a few areas during spring cleaning? Let us know in the comments!

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