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Spring is here (or at least on its way, depending on where you live) and with it comes the usual spring cleaning rigamarole. The drapes are opened, everything is dusted off and made ready for nicer weather, and things just feel a little brighter sometimes.


Alongside this change in scenery comes the chance to actually enjoy the outdoors for once (unless you’re one of those weirdos who loves snow), and what better place to do that than a porch? Whether you’ve got an open deck, a sunroom, or even just a quiet patio, now is the perfect time to get everything cleaned and ready to enjoy the (gradually) warming weather!


Need a place to start? Or maybe you’re just looking to get it done as fast as possible because you have a million other things to be cleaning? We’ve put together a five-step speed cleaning list to help you get your porch ready to go!


Step 1: Move Everything Off The Porch

So long as you don’t mind a little lifting, this is the easiest way to get started. Any outdoor furniture like chairs and benches should be moved into the yard temporarily to free up space on the porch itself, as well as anything you plan on keeping there like the wire shelves you put up to organize your kid’s outdoor toys. If you’re the kind that takes indoor living room furniture like end tables and moves them out to the sunroom when the weather is nice, try to keep them inside where they are for now – you’re going to need the space!


Step 2: Get Dusting

As with any room or part of the house that you don’t use as often, at least during certain parts of the year, there’s bound to be some cobwebs and crud that have started building up. Grab your favorite long-handled duster (and maybe some gloves) and get in there! Check the corners for cobwebs, get the tops of everything dusted off, and don’t forget the shutters or blinds!


Step 3: Wipe It All Down

After the initial dusting is done, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty. Get a bucket of your preferred cleaning detergent (nothing too harmful, you don’t want to ruin any paint!) and start scrubbing your furniture, plant pots, and any decorations you might have outside. Nobody’s going to judge you for having a favorite garden gnome, but you still need to make it presentable!


Step 4: Sweep and Mop

Next, just make sure your floor is as clean as the walls and your chairs are by now. Depending on how your porch is set up, this might require some sweeping or vacuuming (if you use outdoor carpeting on your deck) or just a quick mop-job to clean away any messes left over from last year before you had to close the porch due to weather.


Step 5: Put It All Back (And Relax!)

Finally, you just need to move everything back into place. This might be a good time to do a little reorganizing if you’re in the mood – put the chairs and drink tables somewhere else to try and open the space up, rearrange your potted plants a little, and just try to get everything back off the yard. Once everything is back in place, pour yourself a glass of something tall and cool – you’ve earned a bit of time to relax in your newly cleaned porch!

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