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So you bought a house, and while you’re stocking it up full of furniture, entertainment options, and cooking supplies, there’s one area you might not want to overlook – the toolbox!

Benjamin Franklin (probably) once said that the only sure things in life are death, taxes, and the fact that something in your house will inevitably break. Even if you don’t consider yourself the handiest sort with this kind of thing, there’s going to be a few supplies and specific tools you’ll want to keep around in case something breaks in the middle of the night.

But what’s that you say? You don’t have a toolbox? No worries at all! There’s plenty of places around your house you can keep your most needed tools, and better yet you might even remember where they are this way. Here’s five storage tips for some of the tools homeowners might need the most:


The Tool: Claw Hammer

Where You Should Keep It: If you’ve got space on your basement shelves or wire shelves, take a few shelving hooks and use them to hang your hammer in an easily-accessible spot. If your hammer has a hole on the bottom for the hook just use that, otherwise you’ll need to line the hooks up close enough together to hang the hook from its head. If you don’t mind drilling straight into the wall, a wall mounted tool rack can help hold these and similarly heavy items.


The Tool: Manual Screwdriver Set

Where You Should Keep It: As one of the most frequently used tools in the home, especially if you’re the sort that likes assembling their own home furniture, you’ll want to make sure your screwdriver sets are easy to get to. If you have a lot of interchangeable screwdriver heads for various sizes, you should keep them together in their own sliding shelf organizer so you can find the size you need every time. If you have a lot of smaller individual screwdrivers instead, these should be kept in a small toolbox or plastic storage bin to reduce the risk of any of them actually vanishing.


The Tool: Plunger

Where You Should Keep It: While nobody likes to discuss the possibility of needing one, plungers are crucial for any home (particularly with multiple residents or multiple bathrooms). Keep it as close to your toilet as possible, either on the floor right next to it or inside your over toilet shelves for easy access. You know, just in case.


The Tool: Allen Wrench Set

Where You Should Keep It: There’s a surprising number of things these days that you’ll probably need to install or assemble using allen wrenches, and wouldn’t you know, they’re among the smallest and easiest-to-lose tools around. Try to keep these in a drawer with a drawer organizer that will stop them from getting lost in all the clutter.


The Tool: Utility Knife

Where You Should Keep It: Sometimes referred to as a “box cutter”, utility knives are valuable for opening packages, cutting materials, or just marking a spot where further cutting needs to be done. Of course, as knives, they should be kept out of smaller hands and in a spot where nobody can accidentally hurt themselves on it, so if you have a toolbox or something that can conceal it from any curious onlookers, this will help lessen the risk of accidents. Try to keep this toolbox on steel shelves that can withstand the weight and potential damage.

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