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Believe it or not, some bathrooms just don’t have a medicine cabinet.

You see this a lot in rentals, smaller homes, or any house where the bathroom was converted from something else previously. While it might sound like kind of a pain at first, it’s actually not nearly as hard to keep these bathrooms organized and decluttered as you might be afraid it is.

If you’re without a medicine cabinet and want to keep your bathroom neat and tidy, here’s our five favorite tips for organizing a bathroom without a medicine cabinet:


Double-duty doors

The back of your bathroom door can be an ample place for extra storage for larger items like extra shampoo, folded towels, and the like. Grab some over the door storage like shoe racks or over the door storage racks to store toiletries and washcloths safely out of the way and stashed wherever you need them.


Organize the counters

Even without a bathroom cabinet you should still have plenty of flat counter and sink space—you just need to make them work a little harder for you! Toss out everything you don’t need anymore like half-used deodorant sticks and empty tubes of toothpaste (since space is at a premium here) and bring in anything as simple as a few empty Mason jars for something like desk organizers (like the kind people use to hold onto pens) to better organize loose items like combs and toothbrushes and free up room for anything else you may need on your countertop.


Look over the toilet

The space directly over your toilet can come in handy for frequently-accessed items like toilet paper and cleaning supplies, as well as providing a nice place to store your favorite scented candle. Clear out the immediate area over your toilet and set up some over the toilet shelves to hang onto folded towels and that blue stuff you use to scrub the toilet bowl. After this is set up, you should still have plenty of room to store taller things like toilet brushes and plungers underneath without them getting in the way of anything else you need to fit in the bathroom (or preventing you from comfortably using the toilet).


Roll in a bar cart

Bar carts are a fun way to organize cocktails and serve drinks, but if you don’t have a big enough wine collection to take up the whole thing, you might want to consider making your bar carts into rolling bathroom storage. Set up a kitchen cart in your bathroom and fill it up with stuff you need in the bath or shower like shampoo, soaps, and the like. This may require a bathroom with enough space to help roll it around, but if you’ve got the space, you’ll be thrilled at how much storage space it gives you.


Rack ‘em up

Towel racks can serve a lot more uses than their name may imply. Many of them include shelves on the bottom that you can use to store shower supplies like soap and facewash, or just to keep extra toothbrush heads and razors that would go into your medicine cabinet if you had one. If you’re feeling a little industrious, you could go one step further and install a new curtain rod inside your shower to hang lotions and soaps from as needed.


Have you had to organize a bathroom without a medicine cabinet before? Drop a line below and let us know what you did!

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