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No matter how well-organized your home, sometimes it feels like there’s no room for you to get things done, right?

Home office furniture, even the most modern designs, can require space that you just don’t have in a home. And using something like the dining room table or the kitchen counter for things like homework, budget balancing, or even surfing the web isn’t always the most practical solution.


When faced with this dilemma, many budding home organizers have turned to using floating shelves to use as a small desk in equally small spaces! Floating wall shelves can offer a safe, solid workspace for things like laptops and notebooks to give you a quiet place to get stuff done without the bulk of an entire desk.

Better yet, they’re not that hard to install! Of course, you need to start by doing the usual stuff you do when hanging up a shelf—checking for studs, marking the space on the wall, and so forth.


A little extra consideration should be put into it to make sure you have enough room for the work you have to do. For example, how big is your laptop? Will you need space for a mousepad or a place to keep a notebook? How high should it be mounted on the wall to make sure you can fit your office chair under it? Is it close enough to outlets? While some of these aren’t questions you expected to ask yourself when installing a shelf, you’ll want to make sure everything is just so before you start drilling holes and hanging shelves.


Speaking of drilling holes, making sure this shelf is mounted as sturdy as possible is crucial. While nobody wants their shelves falling down, your new floating desk is going to need a lot of extra reinforcement to support all the typing, writing, and setting-down-your-coffee-cup you’re going to be doing. Make sure to review your mounting brackets for reinforcement as needed, using a few brackets if you have to, and make sure you really keep an eye on any specific weight limits that the manufacturer provides—nobody needs their desk crumbling beneath them!


After all this, your new desk should be all set. Make sure to grab a nice pair of headphones to keep the music going while you work, and don’t be afraid to decorate it!

Have you used floating shelves to make a desk in your home? Drop a comment and tell us how it went!

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