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Small bedrooms can certainly have their benefits—cozier space, more room throughout the rest of the house or apartment, less temptation for clutter.

They do come with their hangups and shortcomings, however, and one of them is the lack of space for a nightstand. We can all agree that no matter how modern the bedroom becomes, there’s no real replacement for a good nightstand—after all, your phone and glasses have to go somewhere at night, and it’s always nice to have a glass of water or something nearby isn’t it?

The more imaginative tiny bedroom designers have found themselves confronting this problem in various ways, mostly through repurposes of furniture and shelving found elsewhere in the home.


One of the more popular solutions in recent months has been the usage of floating wall shelves placed strategically next to the bed. As they don’t take up nearly as much space as a standard nightstand, they tend to fit much better in smaller bedrooms or if your bed is tucked into the corner of a room without a ton of space. Try to hang your shelf about parallel to your mattress using the sturdiest hooks you can find, and make sure to give yourself enough room between the bed and the nightstand to prevent accidentally hitting your shins on it!


If you’re looking for something with a bit more storage capacity, another popular option is to mount storage cubes to the wall instead. The hard surface and built-in storage cubby offer basically the same design as a typical nightstand except with a much lower profile and easier mounting to keep it off the floor and out of the way of everything else you need space for in the bedroom (which can be a lot, all things considered).


Depending on the position of your bed, you might not have a lot of room between the bed and the wall to work with—that’s where corner shelves can come in. One corner shelf can serve as a good replacement nightstand by helping you keep your stuff nearby even if you don’t have much space between you and the corner itself, but if your bedroom has a lot of unused vertical space you could consider lining the corner with several shelves all set at arm’s length (and height) to organize books, phone chargers, and everything else you’ve got to deal with.

At the end of the day, you just need to find a smaller nightstand that works for your bedroom design. Don’t be afraid to use the walls and get creative, and imagine the relief you’ll feel when you’re not trying to find a place to keep your glasses at bedtime!

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