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The beginning of a new year is upon us, and with it comes the constant promises to yourself that this will finally be the year you do that big home renovation project you’ve been thinking about.

And while that’s a noble goal, we think there’s something to be said for…aiming small, sometimes. The frustration of an unfinished project can start to pile up until it finally discourages you from trying to finish it altogether, and that’s never a good feeling, right?

Here’s our suggestion: instead of trying to tackle some grandiose new year’s resolution and leaving yourself grumpy (and with a half-painted kitchen), why not try to look into a few smaller ones that you can do over the next few months? The big jobs will take a long time to produce tangible results, so while you set out your plans for that huge bathroom renovation, here’s some smaller projects to tackle in the meantime to help you feel more accomplished and get your house a little cleaner:


Get in the habit of making your bed

When we said we wanted to focus on the little things, we meant it. You start and end every day in your bedroom, so why not treat it with a little more care than you used to? Set your alarm a few minutes earlier every morning and remake your bed so it’s cleaner and comfier when you get back home every night. It’ll instill a sense of accomplishment and restore order to your bedroom. (Of course, the mess on your nightstands is a whole issue on its own…)


Clean out that dresser

While we’re still talking about cleaning your bedroom, the new year is a good time to finally declutter that overstuffed bedroom dresser. The most immediate solution would be to start looking through your seasonal/holiday wardrobe—there’s bound to be some holiday or winter clothes you’re not going to be wearing right now, so those can all get packed away in the closet or the attic until the weather turns, or you need to get out your ugly Christmas sweaters for next year’s work party.


Empty the pantry

Particularly after all the holiday meals you’ve likely had to prepare or at least contribute to, you’re gonna have a lot left in your fridge. Go through your pantries and cupboards to find everything you’re not going to need anytime soon (like pumpkin filling or stuffing), donate it to a food pantry or throw it out if it’s well past the expiration date, and put up a few more pantry organizers to better tidy up everything you’re hanging onto. (This might be a good time to ask yourself if you really need all that leftover pasta, though…)


Set up a statement piece

While the rest of these tips could get started in the short-term, maybe you want to get something a little more tangible and permanent. Take a look around your home and see if any of your rooms need a statement piece—or, in other words, something that pulls the whole room together. This can be something extravagant like a huge painting or some antique furniture, or even just a reliable focal point like a new coffee table. Ideally the best statement piece will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, but the important thing will be to find a room that’s missing that certain something and go for it. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.

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