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The modern kitchen needs to be a lot of things at once – aesthetically pleasing, well-organized, and flexible enough to serve whatever you feel like cooking that night.

Sounds like a lot, right? And yet a lot of modern kitchens are up to the task thanks to a little creativity, and the right sort of kitchen organization furniture.

One such example is mobile kitchen islands! Inspired by the sort of mobile equipment you see in commercial kitchens, rolling kitchen islands have made themselves at home in a lot of kitchens all over the place thanks to their convenience and flexibility.

These islands work like normal kitchen installations, except with one crucial bonus – they’re mobile! The addition of casters on the bottom make them easier to relocate as needed, whether you’re finding them a new permanent home, looking for an easier way to serve breakfast, or just need it out of the way while you cook!


Mobile Kitchen Island Ideas


Serving stands

Whether it’s a big holiday feast, someone’s birthday or graduation, or just the first day the weather is warm enough to fire up the grill, rolling kitchen islands can be a perfect way to help serve your guests.

If you clear off the top of your mobile kitchen island, you can use it to hold hors d’oeuvres, drinks, cutlery, or anything else that needs to be kept close to the action. Roll one of these out into the living room or out on the patio and see how much space it frees up on your tables!


Preparation space

Of course, mobile kitchen islands don’t need to leave the kitchen. A lot of kitchen islands find themselves most useful as additional counter space when you need it most!

When’s the last time you found yourself wishing you had a little more elbow room when preparing dinner? Mobile kitchen islands can be the perfect solution for that. Use them to hold onto whatever you’re in the middle of cutting, have them hold onto a bowl for stirring, or just keep something out of the way while it cools. It might not quite be the same as that counter extension you were eying – but it’s darn close!


Big dish and utensil storage

Dishes and utensils can be some of the most commonly-seen causes of clutter in a kitchen. Mobile kitchen islands can both help you with finding a home for these items, AND keep them easy-to-access!

By using a sliding pantry organizer to stash bigger items, you can keep things like baking trays, frying pans, and those big long spoons put away better than before. Plus, they can be moved wherever you need them in the event of bigger baking projects!


Liquor/bar storage

Similarly, kitchen islands are helpful for storing items that just don’t have a home elsewhere, like bar supplies!

In lieu of a bar cart, mobile kitchen carts can become the perfect way to organize and serve your favorite cocktail mixers. Use our kitchen carts to store your favorite liquors and supplies, and then roll them over to wherever the party is!

Whatever you use rolling kitchen carts for, we think you’ll love how versatile they can be!

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