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Crown molding is a common and popular way of adding a little class and decoration to a room without doing massive overhauls or changing what’s already in there.

It can easily take the place of other types of molding or edging, and the tasteful design gives it an immediate visual impact without being overbearing or taking away from anything else in the room.

Ideally, crown molding works best as a ‘finishing touch’ to a room that’s already been well laid out with an established identity, but still might miss that final piece to pull it all together. If this is starting to sound a little familiar, here’s our four favorite ways to use crown molding to decorate:


Around the ceiling

The most common use for crown molding is to line the ceiling and provide a new, more formal appearance. The molding gives the room a more defined “frame” and allows for a stronger definition between the ceiling and the walls, and you can enhance the color pallet of the room by painting the molding to either match or contrast the surrounding walls. This approach tends to work better in larger spaces like the dining room or living room, but could also allow a more ‘regal’ look in the master bedroom as well.


Decorative shelving

Crown molding shelves combine the look of crown molding with the design and convenience of wall shelves. To maintain their functionality as shelves these can’t quite be installed high enough to reach the ceiling as in the previous example, but can be easily used to provide extra shelving alongside wall shelves, bookcases, or even mantel pieces. Hang them low enough to be accessible, and focus on these being more ‘decorative’ shelves used to hold things like collectibles and family photos, not things you access more often like books or car keys.


Framing a window

A small change to your windows can make a huge impact through the rest of the room. By adding crown molding around the edges of your windows, you can make the windows seem larger (and the room seem brighter) without the hassle of actually having to overhaul the windows themselves.


Adorning cabinets

Any built-in storage like cabinets or bookshelves can be easily improved, visually and structurally, with crown molding. By adding crown molding (or extra crown molding shelves) to the outside perimeter of your cabinets and built-ins, you can create a cleaner transition between the cabinets and the walls/ceiling while adding a better sense of permanence.


Have you decorated with crown molding in your home recently? Leave a comment below!

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