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Hello everyone, it’s Samantha, again,

Anyways, enough about me, Sunday is Father’s Day and in honor The Shelving Store is having a sale on products made for the garage, a place that we all know is a man cave.

It might be a little late to hop on the site and buy something now, it won’t get to your Dad in time, but the sale lasts through June and has everything he needs to organize the garage, something your Mom has been nagging him to do forever now.

We have an entire line of Schulte freedomRail products made for the garage, like the wire grid, the base of the whole organizational unit.  You can attach basically anything to that grid and freedomRail has thought of every basket and hook imaginable to place everything thrown in a heep on the garage floor.  They have golf racks, fish hooks and GO-Boxes.   Just think, your garage can look like this

And look at how happy it makes this couple.

Everything is finished in granite and matches, not that a guy would care, but a woman would appreciate that, and can be mounted to the wall, which can get everything off the ground and creates more room for a car or even a poker table for guys night.

And if that has not sold you, everything is 25% off, which is awesome.  We all love to save money and this is something you could buy for Dad and help him put it up or if your a girl, sit and watch your Dad put it up, hey it is still quality bonding time.

I know that as a kid my Dad  was always there for me, probably acting like a kid as well, building forts in the living room, helping me to climb trees, teaching me how to play baseball, fly a kite and throw a Frisbee. So every year on Father’s Day, I think back to those times and smile.

So this Father’s Day, take a moment and appreciate your Dad, give him a hug and say thank you for being him and if you bought him a item from our site, I promise you, he will love it and love that you got it for a steal.


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