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It is easy to tell that Spring has arrived when the weather gets warmer, birds begin chirping, and the days last a little bit longer. Not only does nature need refreshing, but cluttered homes and garages need it too. Let The Shelving Store help you with spring organizing this year.

Start inside the home, taking on one room at a time. Focus on those areas that tend to collect the most clutter, like the basement, the attic, or even your work desk. Go through drawers and storage boxes, getting rid of items you do not use anymore, and tidy up the remaining items with stackable boxes and bins. And when there still isn’t enough storage space, use easy-to-install Chrome Wire Shelving Units and and accessories.

The next place to clean is the dreaded, and always messy, garage, but there is nothing to fear. Get yourself a Gorilla Workbench to organize tools used for projects around the home. For those upcoming sports and other fun outdoor activities, be sure to install Gorilla Bulk Storage shelving, or use Ball Claws to keep recreational equipment in one convenient area.

A clean and organized home and garage will make it easier to focus on family activities, and that sense of accomplishment will contribute to your overall happiness. So this Spring, make cleaning quick and easy with The Shelving Store!

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