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It’s that time of year again! Kids dread it, parents secretly love it, and teachers look forward to steadier paychecks: it’s back to school time!


And yet, back to school tends to be a little more complicated than you might expect. There’s supplies to buy, there’s sleep schedules that need to get readjusted, and there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. We’re here to help with what we can – if you need some organization tips to get ready for the school year, read on!


Ease Into a New Schedule: The chaos and freedom of summer is great at the time, but it makes it awfully hard to get back to ‘normal’ once the school year rolls around. During the last few weeks before school, try to get your whole family to bed a little earlier and reestablish things like a curfew and bedtime to make sure everyone gets used to waking up on time for school. (Trust us, the mornings are going to come faster than you think!)


Keep Your School Supplies Together: By now you’ve probably at least started your back to school shopping for things like notebooks, backpacks, and new back to school outfits (or uniforms, if their school needs them). Help keep these items organized by adding some extra storage to your kids’ rooms like kids lockers or bedroom storage so they remember where their school supplies and new clothes are, and hopefully get them in the habit of putting them all away in the same spot every time!


Streamline the Morning Routine: Even once your kids are used to getting up at 7 (or whenever their school starts), there’s always going to be something of a bottleneck when it’s time to leave in the morning. Get everyone in the habit of picking out their clothes and organizing their school stuff the night before, and some new entryway storage or wire shelving by the door could give everyone’s coats and shoes a place to stay where they can be easily accessed as you’re headed out for your day.


Get Your Paperwork Ready: It seems like every year, schools ask for more paperwork and files before your kids can start school. Get a desk organizer for your home office and make sure you get everything printed out or ready in advance – vaccinations, birth certificates/proof of residency, and anything else you may need to send with your child on their first day or file beforehand.


Remember to Communicate: Avoid those communication blues that tend to crop up around this time of year and make sure all of your kids know their schedule and know what has to be done before they can get back to school. Grab a whiteboard or a calendar of some kind and write down everyone’s school schedule, work schedules, and anything else that can impact their first few weeks back to school to everyone’s on the same page and ready to go!

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