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One of the biggest complaints younger kids have about their closet is how hard it can be to use at times.

Whether due to height/size issues, poor layout, or just too much stuff, a lot of kids find themselves abandoning their closets altogether because they’re just too tough to use.

Sometimes the root cause of this is simply an organizational problem! Most closets aren’t really built with kids in mind (unless you’re lucky enough to get a home with a designated “kid’s room” but those are the few and the proud) and it makes it hard for kids to get to the stuff they wear most often simply due to how it’s laid out and where everything winds up.

You might be happy to learn, then, that this is an easily-solved problem. By reorganizing your closet to better accommodate your kids’ needs, they can use it more easily and it just might save you a whole bunch of mess to clean up everywhere else.

Interested? Here’s where to start:


Empty and purge

In a lot of cases, closets can become a home for things your kids don’t wear because they outgrew it, or maybe they just don’t like it anymore. Start by emptying out the entire closet, as this will make the whole process easier in the long run. Whatever they don’t want or can’t wear anymore, find a new home for it—a lot of towns have kids clothing resale stores you can contact, or there’s always going to be another parent somewhere on Facebook that needs them.


Group like items together

Once you figure out what you’re keeping, take a second to sort everything out. Shirts with shirts, pants with pants, seasonal clothes (coats, sweaters) with each other, undies, socks, and so on. This is going to make everything much easier to put away when you actually get to that point.


Figure out how to put it away

Since your kids weren’t able to use the closet to the fullest previously, this is where you need to use a little imagination. Were your previous hanging racks too tall? Was there not enough shelving? Talk to your kids and figure out what you could put in the closet to make it easier for them to use. In some cases this might mean putting some storage bins or mini lockers on the bottom to help your kids reach their more frequently-needed clothes more often, completely redoing your closet hanging system to make it easier for your kids to reach, or setting up closet wire shelves to organize everything in an easier way. Talk to your kids to work out a plan that will work best for everyone and go from there.


Prevent future messes

Of course, even after everything is hung back up, you run the risk of it getting cluttered again later due to use (which is the great irony of closets). Look into some more unusual storage options to make sure your kids have room to grow and expand if they wind up keeping more things in their closet, such as the aforementioned storage bins or even over the door storage for things like hats, gloves, or even shoes.


Leave room for toys

For kids, especially younger ones, a lot more than just clothes will wind up in the closet eventually. Whatever the grand design is for your kids’ closets, make sure to leave room for toys, books, and the sort of excess stuff that comes with having kids around. You’ll be glad you did.


Let them decorate it

Finally, your kids will be way more excited to use their closet if you let them personalize it a little. Leave room for decorations and ‘fun stuff’, provide paints and craft supplies so they can dress up the outside of the door, and let them have some say in where things go. If they feel like they helped, they’ll be way more excited about actually using it—and keeping it clean.


Have you had to set up a closet for your little ones? Leave a comment below and tell us what you did!

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