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His stuff? My stuff? Our stuff!

Get it organized from this day forward.

If you didn’t get the wedding gift of organization, you may now realize after merging two households full of possessions that you need it! Reduce stress and get organized fast with style, quality and functionality at The Shelving Store. The Shelving Store’s home storage solutions are flexible and created to accommodate changes in the home—such as a new hobby or a new family addition! Let us organize all of “his and hers stuff” in the bedroom, living spaces, office, kitchen, laundry room or garage. Home storage systems are also an investment for the newlywed couple. If the two of you plan to sell your home in the future, then you have an appealing feature for future home buyers.

Shop online or if you’re in Michigan, stop by the showroom for great ideas and inspiration. One distinct advantage The Shelving Store’s web site and showroom offer to Southeast Michigan customers is the availability of experienced professionals who will come directly to your home and do all the measuring, as well as the complete customized installation.

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