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Apartments, duplexes, and other rentals seem like they’d be easier to clean due to their size – and yet the opposite is often true.

It can be hard to organize or declutter a studio apartment or other rental, since there’s not a lot of space for everything and it can be hard to know where everything should go. This feeling tends to be compounded in winter time, since the oppressive weather outside can leave you feeling a little…unmotivated and claustrophobic.

If you want to beat those winter blues, we’ve got a few tips to help your apartment, duplex, or condo feel even cozier – and less cluttered – all at once!


Getting a Studio Apartment Ready For Winter


Throw some rugs around: One of the biggest ways to ready a space for winter is the use of rugs. They can warm up a room, keep your feet warm, and actually help maintain heat – which, in most rental living rooms, will be a welcome remedy to the usual draft from outside.


Use more natural materials: Another great way to make a space feel more cozy is to focus on furniture, tables, and storage made from more natural-looking materials to get away from a harsher ‘modern’ look. For things like coffee tables, wooden wall shelves, and end tables, look for wood material with a darker finish to help bring a little softer vibe to your whole apartment.


Check the window insulation: Window drafts are one of the most common causes of lost heat and overworked furnaces in wintertime. Particularly for renters, when you won’t be able to make the repairs yourself, make sure to check your windows for any potential drafts or damage to the insulation with enough time to report them to your landlord before the weather takes a turn for the worse.


Get some indoor plants: If you’ve considered adopting a potted friend or two, winter is the perfect time. Indoor plants have a way of warming up a space (and contributing to that ‘natural’ look we discussed earlier), and the care you’ll put into them might give you something to focus on during the dreary winter months. (Make sure you have some safe home wire shelves or something similar to store them on!)


Create a space you love to hang out in: Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors this time of year, a great way to make it even more fun is to create a little nook where you’ll spend most of your time. Maybe it’s right in front of the TV, maybe it’s over by the window, but wherever it is you’ll need to get it ready to hang out in. Set up some wooden bookcases with your favorite books and distractions, get some of your favorite blankets, and try to make the most out of the winter time.


After checking all these off, your rental should be more ready for a cozy winter than ever before!

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