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Even with everything else going on in the world today, there’s still no escaping flu season.

While we’re lucky enough to live in a world where flu vaccines are both useful and readily available, there’s still a lot to be said for being conscious of your health this time of year. Particularly if you have anyone in your home that can be more prone to illness, like young kids or elderly relatives, preventing any potential spread of the flu through your home can go a long way towards keeping everyone safe.

While everyone has their own favorite flu prevention tricks, there’s one thing you can do that a lot of people don’t consider – cleaning!

Yes, a little home cleaning and organization in the colder months can actually help prevent the spread of germs and sickness, and it won’t actually get in the way of your normal routines.


Cleaning Your House to Prevent the Flu


Clean as many surfaces as possible

The easiest way to stop the spread of germs is to wipe down anything that gets touched a lot by several members of your household. Think things like doorknobs, the handle to your refrigerator, or maybe a favorite game system that the kids have to share. Keep some antibacterial wipes or a spray bottle of your favorite germ-killing cleaner handy, and get in the habit of cleaning these surfaces after peak times of the day to keep them clean for the next use.


Spread out your bathroom

The bathroom is home to most people’s more personal effects, and as a result it tends to be a hotbed for germs. Rearrange your bathroom organizers in such a way that gives everyone’s toothbrushes and personal care items some space apart from one another, and remind your kids not to share things like drinking cups for the time being.


Tidy up the coffee table

The living room tends to be a pretty shared space for the whole family, and as a result it might need a little more help than normal. When you clean off your coffee table or end tables, make sure to pay close attention to things like remotes and game controllers that tend to get passed around. Wipe these down after each day of use, and try not to let dust build up on any surface that your family uses a lot.


Be serious about the playroom

The kid’s playroom can be a hotbed for germs, particularly for younger ones. As you clean off each of your kids’ toys, keep them in their own storage bins to encourage separation and try to keep them as clean as possible for as long as possible. Heck, you might even be able to get them to put their toys away without your help next time!


Wash everything you can

Anything your family uses on a daily basis, like lunch boxes, coats, or backpacks, needs to be at least sprayed down once a day, if not out-and-out washed. Try not to put them back on your coat hooks until they’ve at least been hit with some fabric-safe spray disinfectant to prevent germs from spreading. And for anything that’s not washable, like old sponges or cleaning rags, don’t be afraid to throw them out before they can get too gross and germy.

With these tips, and a little proactiveness, you should be able to keep on top of flu season better than ever!

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