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Renting is an increasingly popular option these days for younger people or anyone who simply doesn’t want to bother with everything that goes into owning a home, like maintenance or yardwork.

Of course, with those upsides come a few trade-offs, generally including the inability to really customize the space and do a lot of renovations. Except in very rare cases of understanding landlords, most rented spaces need to be returned in more or less the same condition they were when you rented them. For anyone with an eye for interior design, this sounds like it can cramp your style.

All is not lost though! There’s lots of ways to decorate an apartment, a condo, or any other type of rental so long as you have a little patience and imagination. Here’s a few of our favorite organization methods we’ve come across lately:


Update your rugs

A lot of rentals will have carpet choices that…you may not have made yourself, had you been in charge of decorating. While there’s not much that can be done about the carpet already there, nothing’s stopping you from throwing down some extra rugs. This can help break up the colors and add a little extra comfort all at once.


Look on the walls

While most rentals aren’t going to let you get away with anything as involved as a cabinet installation, most of them will let you drill in small holes to hang shelves and the like. This is a perfect place to hang things like wooden wall shelves or glass wall shelves—anything a little more decorative and ready to help you get your home better organized. This way you can show off any of your favorite collectibles or knick knacks without taking up floor space elsewhere in the apartment. Keeping decorations on your shelves will help liven up the look and make everything feel a little more at home. (This is also probably a great time to start hanging up posters and paintings!)


Use high ceilings

Similarly, a lot of rentals tend to have higher ceilings as the majority are built more vertically than horizontally. If you have a lot of high space (above your kitchen cabinets, for example) try to build in some lofted storage using wire shelves or wall mounted wire shelves—anything durable enough to handle the weight and last up high where you need it.


Peel and stick

Let’s say your walls are just unbearable. Either they’re plain to the point where no amount of shelves and posters can help, or they’re an atrocious color you don’t want company seeing. Temporary wallpaper can be the perfect solution to this—pick a few colors you prefer and stick them up around the house. Just make sure they’ll be easy to remove when your lease is up!


Conceal your storage

If you need extra storage space but can’t go as far as expanding the closet, using the concealed space you have there is a great option. Use over the door storage behind your closet and bedroom doors to broaden the amount of storage options you have and keep everything together—and out of view.


Treat your windows

Window treatments are an easy way to class up any room without making permanent changes. Long curtains can help you maximize your visual space and make your ceilings appear higher even without doing any permanent work on the room itself. A good set of curtains can really change how a room feels and make sure it isn’t quite so stuffy.


Have you had to redecorate a rental property lately? Drop a comment below and let us know how it went!

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