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Anyone who has lived through the winter knows just how…snowy and damp it can be.

No matter how well you bundle up against the weather, there’s always a lot of melting snow that clings to your clothes this time of year, and it needs to get dried off somehow. The problem tends to be that a lot of winter accessories, like your favorite scarf or those gloves that fit just right, tend not to stand up to repeated trips through the dryer – and that’s if you even have a dryer to put them in!

Luckily, there’s a few easy ways to create a safer place for your winter clothes to dry, all without them having to take a trip through the spin cycle:


Air Drying Your Winter Clothes

If you’re looking for a place to safely and quickly air dry your winter clothes, the first thing you want to focus on is finding the right location. Ideally, the right room would combine a few factors: consistent temperature, low moisture and humidity, and easy access by everyone who needs to get to it. This can be pretty big shoes to fill, but try to use your imagination – if your basement laundry room is consistently dry and warm that could work, but even a space in the kitchen or in the entryway can work so long as the conditions are right.


From there, you’ll need the right supplies. Depending on how your new drying space is arranged, you’ll have a few options to pick from. A lot of homes tend to look for closet rods that can let everything hang freely – if you have the space on the walls, or even in a smaller corner or empty hall closet, this can be an ideal solution.


But what if you don’t have that sort of space, or can’t go for something that permanent, you have other options. In a lot of cases, a pop-up clothes hanger can work perfectly for these needs. Alternately, you could set up smaller wire shelving to help air circulate around your clothes better, and allow them to dry off without needing any hot air applied. This tip can work particularly well if you’re able to get them close to a window, where sunlight can further speed up the drying process.


Any of these setups should work perfectly for drying your household’s winter clothes. The only thing you’ll need to remember is that everything you try to dry is going to need some space to dry out better, otherwise they might get moldy from lingering on the rack too long. If you need to rotate clothes off the rack more quickly, keep some storage bins handy to toss everyone’s hat and gloves into, to better free up space on the rack itself.

Hopefully this will make your winter a little more dry and comfortable – and even if the weather turns, you’ll have this much easier of a time dealing with it!

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