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During the quarantine, it’s completely understandable that you, your kids, or anyone else in your household has gotten a little…snacky.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But loading up on snacks, particularly the wrong kind with all kinds of salt and trans fats, can start to impact your health and metabolism, even if it’s hard to resist the temptation of whatever you have waiting in your pantry.

Storing Snacks and Eating Healthier


So what can you do to resist those salty, salty temptations? One of our favorite ways might sound a little too easy at first – pantry organization! A lot of the times, if we’re starting to get a little hungry between meals, we tend to just reach for the first thing we see without thinking about the impact it may have on our appetite and health.

To curb this, you should try to reorganize your pantry to emphasize the healthier options you have available to you. Start by taking everything out of the pantry, throwing out anything that’s expired or that you know you just won’t eat, and then start to sort it by overall good-for-you-ness. Are those frosted pastries a little more tempting than the raisins or peanuts? They may need to go on the top shelf or farther in the back to help you focus on (and remember) the better options. A few pantry organizers and kitchen shelves can come in handy here to help set up a better system for everything.

Creating Snack Portions for the Kids


But what about the younger members of your household? Any of the parents out there reading this know all too well the struggle of trying to keep them on a consistent meal schedule amidst the constant cries for chips, cookies, and crackers.

A great way to help kids curb their own snacking while still letting them indulge in their favorites every now and then is through pre-portioned snacks. Get with your kids and ask them what their absolute favorite snacks are, and then create a plan of attack. Take some of your favorite snack or sandwich bags and portion them out as is healthiest – the bag full of cheez-doodles shouldn’t maybe be as full as the bag of orange slices, and so on. From there, you can use plastic storage bins in your pantry or kitchen to help divide the snacks up, either by type or by recipient, so the kids know where to find them and how many to take!

Pacing Your Snacks Between Meals


Of course, simply having the right snacks in the right amounts is only half the battle. A big part of curbing your snacking and eating healthier during quarantine is to make sure you’re eating at the right times. After you’ve portioned out your snacks, try to set a routine for when it would be okay to have them. If you’ve managed to still maintain a consistent meal schedule during quarantine, try to pace yourself about halfway between meals for maximum impact on your metabolism. It’s important to adhere to this schedule to keep things consistent, but don’t force-feed yourself – if you’re not in the mood for snacks one day, go ahead and skip them since it’s more important to eat lunch or dinner anyway.

With these tips, and a little self-control, you should be able to leave quarantine without having totally ruined your appetite!

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