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organizing a combination laundry room and bathroom


Rooms that need to serve two purposes in your home tend to be a little…tricky, can’t they?

Sure, it’s nice to have the extra space by combining two rooms – a dining room-slash-kitchen, for example, can help free up a lot of room for storage, entertaining, and the like. But the biggest drawback with these combined rooms is that they can be a little tougher to organize than normal.

Twice the uses for a room usually means twice the stuff you need to keep in there, and in many cases, half the space to keep it in! One of the biggest culprits is a sight found in many modern homes: the combination bathroom-laundry room.

Found in a lot of rentals, newly-built homes, or smaller homes in suburban or urban areas, the combination of bathroom and laundry room – often with smaller washing machines tucked away into a closet or side hatch of some kind – is a common sight. And while you might relish the chance to fit your washing machine inside an existing room, it can create some pretty unique challenges when trying to organize everything.


Make the Most Of Your Combination Bathroom/Laundry Room


Plan around the laundry machines

It probably goes without saying, but the laundry machines need to be the focal point of your new combination room. When choosing where the laundry machines need to go, make sure you’ll leave the space around it for extra storage – and make sure it doesn’t take away any legroom from the toilet or shower!


Tidy up the closet

In certain bathroom-laundry room designs, the washing machine takes up the entire closet. If this isn’t the case for yours, though, it can be an ideal time to organize your closet to make room for everything you need to store. Set up some closet organizers to better organize things like towels and washcloths, and use small wire shelving on the bottom of your closet for things like laundry soap and fabric softener.


Look on the walls

Even if you have extra room in your closet, using some bathroom wall shelving can help you make the most of your vertical space and stop you from having to store things directly on top of the dryer. Use this wall space for things like extra soap, fabric softener sheets, the bleach you expected to use more often, or anything else that fills up a laundry room!


Make room for a bench

If you have room on the far side of your bathroom, ideally under a window, you could use storage benches to organize your bathroom supplies and get a nice seat while you wait for the laundry to finish. Store extra shampoo and soap under there, and it’ll be easier to get to and free up space for the rest of your laundry needs!

However your bathroom/laundry room is arranged, hopefully these tips can help you make some more space in there!

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