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vinyl record storage

As surprised as most of our parents are to see it come back, vinyl collecting (and that’s vinyl as in records, not vinyl as in siding) is huge right now!

Whether you’re doing it for nostalgia, because you’re one of those people that claims it sounds better (and it might!), or maybe you just want a slightly more personal touch to buying music that iTunes just can’t provide, record collections are back in a way that we haven’t seen since the mid-80s sometime.


Of course, as with any collection, there’s always the ever-present problem of where exactly you’re going to put it. If you’ve got a big stack of records from your childhood that need to go somewhere, we’ve got some ideas here for you to spin around in your mind:


  • Step 1: Decide how they’re going to be organized. You’ve got a few options here, and it’s good to decide how this is going to work before you get too deep into the weeds. Do you want them all displayed and visible, or do you need something a little more practical and alphabetized? Are you going to sort them by artist, album title, or even just how much you paid for it? How many records do you even own, really? Ask yourself these questions first before you commit to a plan.
  • Step 2: Figure out where they’re going. If you’ve got an extra room to just turn into a record-listening shelter that’s cool, but it’s not really a guarantee for everyone. If this isn’t an option, plan on carving out some room in the living room, your bedroom, or even the basement – wherever you have the room that isn’t taken up by everything else you collect and display!
  • Step 3: Settle on a display method. This goes back to the first question, but you need to figure out exactly how you’re stashing them. If you’ve got enough to necessitate an entire bookcase to stack them next to each other (you know, like books) set one of those up, or if you’ve only got a few (or if you have some you specifically want to show off) you might want to consider some floating shelves or even those little record-sized frames to display the really rare/prized pickups you’ve gotten over the years. Bigger bulk collections might need to be organized in crates or boxes and kept on wire shelves to keep them sturdy and safe.
  • Step 4: Organize as you go. While you’re putting everything away, now is a good time to keep it organized so you don’t have to go back and tidy it up later. Whatever organization method you settled on earlier, stick with it now and save yourself a lot of headaches later!
  • Bonus Step 5: Figure out where your record player is going! If you’ve got too many records and need to keep your actual turntable (and a few of your favorites) in another room, make sure to clear off some table space so it’s usable for you!

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