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Even during the decent weather we’ve had this summer, a lot of us are still electing to stay home and wait for some – any – good news about the pandemic that’s still raging through America.

This has led to a lot of us picking up new hobbies! Maybe you’ve decided to be a baker, maybe you’ve finally picked up that musical instrument you always wondered about, maybe you’ve just gotten really into board games (and we’re talking the complicated ones with a million pieces and a rulebook the size of a novel, probably with a dragon or some kind of boat on the box).

Whatever you’ve gotten into lately, it’s always nice to keep busy – but anyone who embarks on a new hobby quickly starts to realize just how much stuff is involved. If you’re been finding new ways to amuse yourself during the various quarantine periods and shutdowns, but you’re finding your basement or hobby space a little cluttered, here’s a few tips that might help:


Organizing for Your New Pandemic Hobbies

Let’s take a look at a few common activities that people have taken up during the pandemic, and how you can get them better organized in your home:



During the pandemic, we noticed a lot of friends and family get super into baking, or breadmaking more specifically. While cooking at home is always a fun idea, it can start to add a lot more stuff to a kitchen that’s probably already pretty crowded. We suggest finding a specific area to keep your ingredients (as well as any successful loaves that may come of it) inside the kitchen – if you want something that can be moved away from where your day-to-day cooking gets done, a bakers rack may be just the thing!



While houseplants were growing in popularity even before the pandemic, the isolation and boredom many of us felt had us turning to raising houseplants. Whatever your skill level as a gardener, we all know one of the biggest tricks with houseplants is proper placement inside your home to ensure the right amount of exposure to sunlight. Wall shelves, particularly glass shelves, can help you position your new friends just right. Things like pruning shears and watering cans should ideally be kept out in the garage or basement on garage shelves for safer storage.



Maybe you’re just using this time to catch up on some books you’ve been meaning to read, or embarking on a whole-new series you haven’t started yet. Whatever the case, it’s probably the right time to set up a couple new bookcases and organize them in whatever order works best for you – alphabetically, in order of “read-to-haven’t-read”, and so on.



Maybe you’ve finally started building models after years of being too anxious about it, or maybe you’ve decided to double-down on re-buying toys you had as a kid. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need the right shelves to show them off when you’re done! Completed projects or rare toys should be shown off on your best floating shelves or repurposed bookshelves, and the rest of your model kit tools (clippers, glue, etc) should be put into plastic storage containers or smaller toolboxes for easy retrieval.


Musical Instruments

To the chagrin of everyone else in your home, let’s say you’ve finally decided to pick up the drums or another instrument. It’s probably best for you to find somewhere safe and dry (humidity wise) to keep it, although larger things like drums or huge guitar amps will have to be kept in the basement. Things like guitars and basses are generally safer when kept outside of the case for long periods of time, and various accessories like cables and effects pedals should be kept on nearby metal shelves to prevent damage and keep them organized.

(And do at least try to keep it down – you don’t need the neighbors sharing in your hobbies!)

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