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Basements are a great asset to homes that need more storage space and room for their stuff – but what if you don’t have one?

Some of you reading this might be horrified by the thought, but it’s true. Many homes and multi-family units, especially in states like Michigan, California, and Arizona, either have a basement that’s too small and unfinished to be useful or no basement at all.


As you can imagine, homes without a basement tend to be pretty hard up for storage options. A lot of stuff winds up in basements without even thinking about it, and without those space options you need to be pretty careful about what you keep down there. We suggest you start by pruning what you don’t need to keep. While basements can afford you the luxury of just throwing things down there to deal with later (at least until everything starts piling up and it’s all too much to deal with), without that extra space you need to learn to be much more careful about what you choose to keep. Things like holiday decorations can stay, but items like seasonal clothing, tools you rarely use, and that vacuum you bought for the living room that never quite worked like you hoped may need to find a new home somewhere else.


From there, you can take stock of what storage you already have. Do you have a garage or attic you can use? Have you already set up wire shelving in preparation for this need, or do you have other home shelves you can repurpose to add extra storage?

Utilizing these storage options and building up the space you have in your home will take a little imagination, but it’s important to find new areas for storage. Even if your home doesn’t have a basement, it’s got plenty of places you can hang up shelves at – take a look at corner shelves, corner wall shelves, and other types of wall shelves to see where you can add extra storage. Look on walls, in corners, over doorways, even under or alongside the stairs – anywhere you have the space could be a good home for a shelf.


Remember to use every room in your house, too. Since space is at a premium, you’ll need to get a little clever with it. See what you can store under things like beds and chairs, and if you have any storage furniture like TV stands and coffee tables, get them to pull double-duty by storing things like books and electronics accessories on their shelves. Over the door storage can work very well for closets and bedrooms to help you keep clothing and accessories around even when they’re not immediately needed.


Finally, even after all of these options, don’t be afraid to use the attic or garage. If either of these are viable storage options, try to use them to store bigger goods that simply can’t go anywhere else. If you have holiday decorations or larger tools that need to be stored, keep them here – but try to limit these spaces to the most important items and focus on using the space inside your home for the rest.

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