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Home remodels and renovations are an unfortunate but often needed fact of life for homeowners. There’s tiles that need to be replaced, there’s kitchens that need expansion, there’s all sorts of “fun” projects (unless you actually like that kind of thing!) that will crop up in any long-term housing situation.


But during these projects, you probably have a lot of other, smaller chores that pop up. Trying to keep your day-to-day life in order during a big home makeover probably feels kind of impossible, but fear not! We’ve got some tips here to stay organized during home renovations – and hopefully stay sane!


Find Some Space Unaffected By The Renovation: The first step when trying to reorganize and relocate during a remodel is to find a safe space for everything being displaced by the renovations. Extra space in your home office, a spare bedroom, even an unused corner in the basement can come in super handy when you have to take stuff out to get a wall repaired or a room re-carpeted or anything. (Of course, now might be a good time to consider some garage and basement shelving to help keep everything tidy while it’s down there!)


Figure Out What Needs To Be Moved: This is going to vary depending on what exactly the project is, but it’s hard to do a big home makeover without having to relocate a few things. Bathroom getting re-tiled? Grab some small cubbies to stash your cosmetics and shower supplies during the projects. Repainting the kid’s bedrooms? Tuck their toys and clothes away into some plastic storage bins and kid’s lockers to keep everything safe until they can put it back where it belongs (and not all over the floor). Turning the basement into a lounge area? Get some wire shelving to keep everything safe in the garage, attic, or wherever your stuff is going to go – it’s fine, everyone has a lot of stuff in their basement!


Keep An Eye On The Project Timetable: Of course, just because everything’s neatly tucked away for the time being doesn’t mean it can stay there! Whether you’re completing the remodel yourself or hiring a contractor, you should try to keep in mind how long the project is going to take, and figure out what you’re going to do when it’s done. Are the items you moved going to have to be put right back, like your clothes or toiletries? Or do you have a bit of time to worry about putting all your stuff back if it isn’t as necessary? Make sure to keep your end goals in mind during the process.


Remember What You Need For The Project: It isn’t just about reorganizing your current stuff during the renovation. Remember to find a safe space for any needed tools, supplies, or paperwork while the remodel is being completed. Contracts, blueprints, special paint colors – whatever it is, you’re going to need to keep track of a lot. Stash your contractor agreements and paperwork in your home office, and make sure to get some toolboxes or speciality racks to keep your tools right at hand (if you’re doing it yourself – otherwise, just leave it to the professionals).

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