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Industrial shelving has many great uses in warehouses and work spaces. It is strong, lasts a lifetime and comes in many types and sizes for any storage need. But, many homeowners and renters fail to see it as a storage or decor option for them. Take a look at some of the innovative and stylish ways rivet and clipper shelving have transformed residential spaces.

By simply adding a coat of paint or purchasing it in white, a clip steel shelving system for book storage has gone from industrial to elegantly minimal. Using the top two shelves for accent pieces in a matching color-theme warms it up.



Here, a galvanized rivet shelving unit has taken on character and charm by aging the metal. However, this isn’t from years of wear and weather. Instead, the owner turned their unit into a DIY project and aged the metal with a one-step process. Now, this affordable unit has gained years of patina in just a few hours and is easily mistaken for a much more expensive shelving system!



The contrast of galvanized metal against the different colors and fabrics of shoes is stylish while still adding function. The shelves can be easily adjusted to fit larger boots and handbags, perfect for anyone who has run out of room in their closet.



Expensive, built-in shelving isn’t needed to stylishly display your books in a study or living room. Here, floor-to-ceiling rivet shelving holds hundreds of books while adding an industrial touch to an otherwise warm and inviting home. A library ladder to reach the top levels is the perfect vintage piece for classic charm.



Don’t follow the open shelving trend by only removing the doors from your kitchen cabinets. Instead, use rivet shelving under your sink and stove for a super minimal yet rustic look.



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