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Some bathrooms just never feel like they’re organized enough, do they?

No matter how many times you arrange your bathroom closet, it feels like you’re always this close to having enough space for everything. And while people tend to turn to a lot of different solutions for this cramped feeling, one idea that’s become more popular lately is using a bedroom dresser in your bathroom!

Bedroom dressers are known for their storage and convenience, but a lot of people tend to only use them in, well…the bedroom. The storage they offer can actually come in handy in a lot of other rooms in your home, not the least of which is the bathroom.



Using Bedroom Dressers in the Bathroom


Create a Bathroom Vanity using a Dresser

Does your bathroom lack a vanity? Vanities are a great way to organize your personal care supplies and streamline the morning routine a bit, but a lot of bathrooms either didn’t come equipped with one, or don’t have the room for a big ‘traditional’ vanity. Sounds like your bathroom? Try making one out of a bedroom dresser!

Bedroom dressers offer the two key things a vanity needs: a lot of storage space thanks to the drawers, and a flat surface on top for extra storage and a big mirror to keep an eye on your morning routine. All you need to do is get a large, tabletop mirror, and then start to carefully arrange your shaving supplies, hair products, makeup, and anything else you might need.

If you’re REALLY feeling adventurous, you could install a bowl sink on top to help with face washing and the like – but be sure to water-treat the whole dresser first to prevent damage!


Bathroom Dressers for Linen Storage

If your bathroom isn’t in need of a vanity right now – or if you’re just not up to that sort of project – then bedroom dressers can be very handy for linen storage. Slide a dresser near your bathroom closet, or underneath your bathroom shelving, and use it to organize your extra towels, wash clothes, even those bathrobes you don’t wear as often. It’ll free up a lot of needed room in your closet, and allow you to store more in there better than ever!


Dressers for Jewelry & Accessory Storage in the Bathroom

Maybe you don’t have the space for a whole fancy vanity setup in your bathroom – but the extra drawers would come in handy, right? Find a spot between two fixtures in your bathroom, set up a thin dresser (or even a bedroom nightstand, space permitting) and use it to store jewelry and other accessories that you use to get ready in the morning. This has the benefit of both adding more storage to your bathroom, as well as freeing up a little space in your bedroom for other needed supplies.


Dressers for Under the Sink Bathroom Storage

If you’re in a home that doesn’t have any storage under the bathroom sink (and yes, it’s more common than you think), and you’re not the woodworking type, then a small dresser is the perfect solution! Slide a shorter dresser underneath your sink and find a home for your toothpaste, shaving cream, and the like.

Hopefully one of these ideas has you a little inspired to try a dresser in your bathroom! Trust us, as soon as you get used to how organized your bathroom gets, you won’t even notice how…different it looks.

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