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More than any other room in the house, the kitchen is perhaps the most prone to running out of usable space.

There’s food, there’s ingredients, there’s cutlery, and it can all start to add up to one big mess.

Starting to sound familiar? In our experience, we’ve found that the best way to keep your kitchen clean and functioning is to add a little more usable space, and the fastest way to do that is with shelves and organizers!

No matter how cramped it might look in there right now, there’s always going to be space in your kitchen to put up some shelves or hang a basket or two, and all of that can go a long way towards making your kitchen a little less cluttered-looking and more usable overall. Here’s a couple of our favorite ways to quickly add storage without making your kitchen a bigger mess:


Smaller Dish Shelves

We know you’ve probably already got a ton of cabinets or shelves set aside for dishes, but sometimes not even that is enough. By adding dish organizers to your shelves and cabinets, you can better organize your dishes by size, type, and even how often you use them, allowing you to keep your dish clutter under control (and maybe even get a better idea of which ones you can afford to get rid of).


Cabinet and Pantry Organizers

Similarly, even the pre-built shelves in your cabinets and pantries can use a little help from time to time as they begin to pile up with unopened cans and unused boxes of pasta. Clear everything out, sort it by if you’re ever going to eat it (or if it’s spoiled), and set up some cabinet shelves and pantry organizers for everything you’re going to keep. Now is a good time to make a slightly better organizational system if you need to—pasta here, flour here, jars of sauce and mayonnaise here, and so on.


The Backs of Cabinet Doors

After the shelves themselves have been taken care of, a great way to beef up your total holding capacity is to use over the door storage for excess items. Anything that hasn’t expired that you won’t use for a bit, or anything that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the cabinet (such as those endless piles of plastic bags that we’ve all accumulated over time) can easily go in a basket on the back of the door to keep it out of the way but still accessible when you need it.


Wall Hooks for Bigger Items

A big contributor to clutter in the kitchen is the abundance of pots and pans everywhere. They hog space in the cabinet, they use up precious real estate on the counters, and it can seem like there’s no good place for them other than the dishwasher. Find some empty wall space and put up some wall hooks (or some repurposed coat hooks if you’re feeling really adventurous) to hold onto bigger pans, woks, and the like.


Clear Countertop Space

Finally, after the cabinets have been taken care of, you might need a little more elbow room on your counter. Things like standing double counter shelves and countertop wine racks can help you keep your needed cooking supplies right at hand without causing a bigger mess on your counter or forcing needed cooking tools elsewhere.


Have you used extra shelves to rearrange your kitchen? Drop a comment below!

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